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Transmission Repair & Maintenance in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Meenan Transmissions in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, gives new speed to your vehicle with transmission repair and maintenance. As part of our cost-saving customer service, we fix only what needs repairs. Stop by or contact us today to request a quote.
Drive Line Related Repair
At our shop, it's all about providing our customers with choices. We understand that automotive repairs can be costly and rarely ever occur at a convenient time. That's why we always provide three different repair options for our customers.
This practice provides you with multiple cost options for various budgets and agendas. So, whether you just want to get safely back on the road or you want a complete rebuild capable of handling the tortures of daily commercial use, we have an option to suit your needs.

When you come to us for your transmission repairs, these are the three repair options we offer you: complete rebuild, remanufactured transmission installation, and used unit installation. However, transmission repairs are not about bottom-line costs, they are about cost benefit and return on investment.

A used unit will get you back on the road for the lowest possible cost should there be a mechanical breakdown within your transmission. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on how long that transmission will last, which could ultimately lead to repairs that will increase the overall costs.

A remanufactured unit from one of our vendors will provide you with a rebuilt transmission that is typically a more costly option. These units are remanufactured in bulk and rebuilt without any consideration for your specific application.

Having your existing transmission rebuilt by the professionals at Meenan Transmissions yields better-than-new performance for less-than-new prices. Taking into consideration the use and requirements of the vehicle and customer, we rebuild all units in our facility. We call this our Application Specific Rebuild Strategy (ASRS) and it provides you with a transmission that is specifically tailored to your needs.
Work Table, Transmission Maintenance in Willow Grove, PA
Control Solenoids, Transmission Maintenance in Willow Grove, PA
Our ASRS allows us to repair broken components and perform critical updates to your transmission, or completely rebuild your transmission to handle the most extreme of conditions so your car keeps running and you stay safe.
More than 30 Years of Testing, Servicing, & Rebuilding the Following:
• Front Wheel Drive Standard and Automatic Transaxles
• Rear Wheel Drive Standard and Automatic Transmissions
• Four-Wheel Drive Standard and Automatic Transmissions,
Transfer, and Cases and Related Controls
• Differentials and Final Drives
• Electronic Transmission Control Diagnostics and Repair
• Clutch Replacement, Adjustment and Flywheel Machining
• Transmission Valve Body and Electronics Reprogramming
• Heavy Duty, Towing, and Performance Applications
• Front Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Drive Constant Velocity Service and Replacement
• Torque Converter Testing, Flushing, and Replacement
• Drive Shaft Universal Joint Repair, Replacement, and Servicing
• Drive Line Vibration Diagnosis and Repair
• Front and Rear Wheel Bearing and Hub Servicing
• Shifter and Related Linkage Repair and Replacement
• Flywheel and Flex Plate Inspection and Replacement
• Starter Repair or Replacement
• High-Pressure Flushing
Contact us in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, for the highest quality transmission repair and maintenance.